Blue And Yellow 2.

Tend to write, on what wasn't happy written. Highlights a good route to go on. 'Not a Nuclear-bomb-believer for years...' in Pt. 1. caused post-reflect and regret; a post out of the comment and to a part 3. (once studied up on Ukraine history). One online read are substack'rs. Will add into the mix. For a few days will get on The Book of Revelation, then the Baddiel book on Jewish identity etc., and then get into; space, time... the final(?) frontier. On at 11 am... off at... midday. Back for a closing 'hour-of-power' after a walk and coffee-break - at 1 pm/ done 2.15 pm.

Plant a Seed
March 28, 2023
Plant a Seed
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